Rachit Nigam

Rachit Pronunciation: Ruh-CHIT. Rhymes with “crutch-it”. ’a’s at the start of many Indian names are actually ’u’s. Nigam is a PhD student studying computer science at Cornell University. He is a part of the CAPRA and PL@Cornell research groups and is advised by Adrian Sampson. His research (Dahlia, Calyx) is focused on building high-level programming models for designing hardware accelerators. He previously worked in the PLASMA research group at the University of Massachusetts Amherst with Arjun Guha.

Dec ’21

Gave a guest lecture for Wellesley’s programming languages course.

Oct ’21

Gave a talk on Calyx to the UW PLSE group.

Sep ’21

Short paper on the Calyx Interactive Debugger accepted to WOSET 21.

May ’21

Proposed my thesis and advanced to candidacy.





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